contribution to science

As one of the few companies in the world combining whale watching and research, our two whale watching suppliers; Whalesafari Andenes and Whale2sea, offer a unique and highly educational encounter with the whales off Andøya. We strive to contribute to science advancement by providing researchers access to our vessels for data collection on trips, access to our ID catalogue, and more. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in carrying out a research project with us!


A journey with us is more than just a whale watching trip! We combine leisure with learning experiences and research. Over the years, our two whale watching suppliers  has collaborated in a number of large and small-scale research projects to increase the knowledge about whales and marine life in Andenes and surrounding areas. 

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We have a new exhibition in our basement in the Whale center and in one of the buildings close by the center. You can visit by yourself or have a guided tour. Many of our guides are whale researchers or are studying to become one. They all master several languages and will introduce you to the whale universe if you choose a Guided Tour in our Whale Exhibition. We have four themes devided in four rooms:

Whale Exhibition

THE SKELETON ROOM: Our room highlighting marine mammal anatomy includes complete skeletons of three different species.

Whale Exhibition

OVERVIEW & BRIEFING ROOM: We position ourselves on the map and have a look at the unique geographical surroundings that make the island such a hot spot for marine life.

THE DEEP SEA: this room is dedicated to life in the deep sea and the adaptations that flourish among life in the dark.

THE ENLIGHTENMENT ROOM: We explore the different whales through artifacts, facts and photos. What can we learn from these animals? You receive an insight into the ongoing local research on the whales outside of Andøya.