Some questions are asked more often than others by our visitors. We have collected the most common ones in this Frequently Asked Questions page. Just click on the questions to read our answers.

If you can´t find the answer to your question on this page or some of the other pages on our web page, please contact us.

1 . Do you arrange whale safari trips if it rains?

Yes we do! The only weather conditions that could cause a trip to be cancelled is dense fog or strong winds. Even these cases are not absolute since it also depends on how long it has blown, wind direction, sea currents and more. We have in certain cases also completed tours in fog with success. Another issue is that the weather conditions on land doesn´t necessarily represent the conditions at sea. The captain makes an assessment in each case based on his knowledge of weather, sea conditions, currents etc. On this basis he will decide if a trip can be executed or not. We have a simple suggestion, always ask us if there will be a trip or not.

2. What is the duration of a whale safari trip?

The duration of a whale safari trip will depend on several factors such as weather and sea conditions, which boat you are traveling with, and not least, how far out at sea we need to travel in order to find whales. If weather conditions are fair and the whales are to be found at a normal distance from land, a trip normally have a duration between 3-5 hours. During an average season, 90% of trips lie within these estimates. However, some trips during a season will have a shorter or longer duration due to the factors mentioned above. We can therefore under no circumstances be held liable for any inconvenience these deviations may cause. Our suggestion is that you plan the whole day for whale safari.

3. What if we don't find any whales?

In the rare cases when we do not find any cetaceans (whales or dolphins), you can book a space on the next available trip, free of charge. 

4. How often is a trip cancelled?

This is a difficult question to answer as it may vary from season to season. The most usual factor that can lead to cancellation is bad weather conditions, something we unfortunately can´t control. The captain must put the safety of our passengers highest. We therefore recommend that you put aside several days here in Andenes rather than betting everything on one specific day. All in all, most trips during a season are executed as planned.

5. Which types of whales can we see?

During summer it is mainly sperm whales that we find off Andenes. In addition, it is not unusual to encounter groups of killer whales or pilot whales. In winter, in addition to the sperm whales, there is a greater chance of seeing other whale types such as fin whales, humpback whales and killer whales. However, we can never guarantee what type of whale you get to see on our safari, but this is a part of the excitement as well.

6. Can I bring my dog on the boat?

You can bring your dog on M/S “Reine” , and its place can be reserved and paid for on our online booking tool. Your dog will however have to sit in a kennel on the deck (provided) during the whole trip.