The Team


Our team consists of employees from various positions in the company. They are all important for providing you as a visitor the best possible experience. Some positions are full-time positions, but most are seasonal. As a visitor, you will mainly meet our receptionists, guides and boat crew.


Administration & crew

BÅRD-Helge Andreassen

General manager

Bård-Helge is originally from Andenes, but lives with his family in Bodø, and commutes between Bodø and Andenes.

Bård-Helge is very engaged for the tourism industry in Andøy and Vesterålen, and with his background in airlines, tour operators and travel agents through 40 years, he found it an exciting challenge to come back to Andenes in 2021, to cooperate with Whalesafari staff on the development of the company.

On his free time, traditional boat and cabin life are at the top of the agenda, preferably together with outdoor life and photography.

Stein Harald Johansen

Skipper MS Reine

Stein Harald is from Skjervøy in Troms county. He has long experience as a captain.

Øystein Fredheim

Skipper MS Reine

Øystein is from Skjervøy in Troms county. He has long experience as a captain.

Karina Jakobsen

Product & marked manager

Karina has worked in tourism most of her adult life. Both as a CEO for her own company, as well as a contact towards different markeds. 

Astrid Berthinussen

Marketing manager

Astrid has worked with destination- and product development as well as marketing for many years. For the whale safaris she will together with the team, work with marketing. 


Accounting manager
Works in the administration of the company and has the main responsibility for everything that involves economics. Has been with the company for over 30 years.


Reception & Whale shop
Claudia has a degree in Tourism Management and has been working with us since 2022. She works in the reception and the souvenir shop. In addition, she does various tasks in administration and booking.