Plan Your Trip

There is a lot to do in Andenes and Andøya – plan your trip in advance and miss nothing!

Andenes is a famous whale-watching destination and one of the three locations where you can see solitary adult sperm whales. But it is not the only activity you can enjoy. Whether you are here for a few hours, a day, or an entire week, there is always something exciting and interesting to do!

The scenery is stunning and natural phenomena such as the midnight sun in the summer and northern lights in the winter provide opportunities for outstanding photographs, to enjoy nature from the inside in hiking journeys, and walk along the beach to enjoy marine wildlife from shore.

The andenes experience

Andenes is located on the northern tip of the island of Andøya in the region Vesterålen. The town has historically been, and still is, an important fishing village. Fishing is a key source of income for many locals, although tourism has become an important activity and complementary source of income since the 1990s.


It is easy to get to the island of Andøya! The most popular way is to travel by road. Combined with the ferry between Andenes and Gryllefjord, running in summertime, you can experience some of the most stunning nature in the region.

It is also possible to travel with public transportation like busses, airplanes and boat. Click the icons below to find more information.




Need a place to stay?

If you have a camping car,  a caravan or a tent, Andenes Camping is the place for you. The campsite is located just south of Andenes and offers a wonderful view of the ocean. If the skies are clear, you will also get an amazing view of the midnight sun.

The campsite is about 3 km from the center of Andenes where you will find a good range of services and stores. A fully stocked supermarket can be found only 200 meters from the campsite. 

The distance to our whale centre is almost 4 km.

With Andenes Camping as a starting point, you are ready to explore the many sights, activities and excursion options on Andenes and Andøya.

Where are we?

We are located at the northernmost tip of Andøya island, near its most important landmark in town: the Andenes Lighthouse.

We are located at the tip of Andøya island, near its most important landmark in town: the Andenes Lighthouse.

Our Whale Shop is on the lower floor before the Reception area, where you can find a large and exclusive collection of postcards, stuffed animals, clothes, books, jewelry and much more.

There is also a café on the lower floor, after the Reception area.